//   "I'm very definitely a woman, and I enjoy it"   //

-Marilyn Monroe



So who the hell is this woman that wants you to strip down to your skivvies? My name is Kim, lead photographer and founder of Oh So Lovely Boudoir, yup that’s me there in my own skivvies as I myself have done a boudoir shoot. Wouldn’t be right for me to put you through the process if I myself have never been in your shoes. Was a I nervous? Absolutely. Did I feel not good enough about my body to do it? 100%, But did I gush and cry over my images and instantly feel a rush of confidence when I looked at my printed images? Without a freaking doubt.

When I started my career in photography, I photographed anything I could get my hands on. Years down the road I specialized in senior portraits and weddings. Its then when I realized my favorite and most rewarding aspect of photography was the bride stepping into her dress, how her body created such lines in her wedding gown, how she moved, how when she laughed her nose crinkled, and the instant rush of confidence she felt when she saw my images of her. These passions all led me to boudoir photography, and I never looked back.

I have a candid approach to photography, I guarantee you within ten minutes you will actually forget there is a camera in your face. You’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna laugh a lot. You’re gonna laugh at me because I’m going to show you exactly what to do in an exaggerated way.  Your’e gonna feel good about yourself, you’re gonna know your own sexiness. And you’re going to walk away with some drop dead gorgeous images of yourself that you will savor for a life time.

Whatever the reason may be you’re doing this boudoir session, maybe for that unforgettable little black book for your groom to open on his wedding day? Or for his birthday, or for your 20-year anniversary? Whatever the reason is, go ahead and do it for him…but more importantly do it for YOU.

Please contact me by using the tab above for more information, I can’t wait to meet you and gift you with images that will forever make you feel good about yourself.

xoxo, Kim       



//   investment

A boudoir session fee is $350 and includes a private, modern location/studio, professional makeup application and hair styling, image retouching, an in person photo reveal of your gallery within 2-3 weeks of your session to view and purchase your products and digital files, and an instant boost of self esteem. Most clients spend an average of $1000-$1500 for my services and products.

//   This whole experience I will never forget!   //

Nearly reaching 40, I found myself wanting to document my last final years of youth and in all honesty, a boost of self esteem. Even though I was nervous walking into the shoot, I was suddenly put at ease with Kimberly’s laid back approach of photographing. I was being photographed before I even realized it! Kim helped me narrow down my outfit choices and gave me her honest opinion which I greatly appreciated it. Afterwards, I decided to buy a beautiful black leather album that I gifted my husband for Christmas. His reaction was priceless, something I will never forget. This whole experience I will never forget! Thank you Kimberly for your talent, support and making me feel and look amazing!



Woot woot!  

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